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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
08.29.04 - Darn West Campus party people. I really don't mind the noise when they party till 4 am on the weekends, but finding Coors light spilt all over the Miata top is a bit uncool in my book.

So this one idiot tried very hard yesterday to get me to suscribe to a magazine. At first when I opened the door he thought I was a 12 year old living with my parents. Then he suggested I was a "tight ass" for not buying a subscription through him and helping him and his buddy get rewarded with a trip to Europe. "It's only a one-time payment of $62 for three years' of magazines." Right.

08.28.04 - It's a bit weird and will take a bit of a while getting used to living by myself. I suppose the best thing about it is that I am free to close the blinds and cook naked if I want to, but I don't because hot oil splatters and I don't have an apron. My ass has taken a pounding from riding my bike to and from campus everyday. I actually do it several times a day. In fact, I pedaled out here just to use the computer. It takes me about 4 minutes to get to the UGLy from my place and around 7 or 8 to get to the UTC area, where all of my classes are located. I vow not to ride the bus this year at all, having had enough of it the past 2 years. Yep, I love not having to wait, plus my quads are getting a bit of a workout. So we all know I hate roaches. Two or three nights ago as I was leaving my place, there was this one just chilling on the wall right next to the door. I thought it was ok as long as I stayed away, but as I was locking up, that little prick flew away. It flew!!! I always knew they could, but never before had I seen one fly. That was freaky, but luckily it flew away from me. I'm so thankful that I never saw one in my two years at CP. Maybe I should thank Missy.

In Olympic news, Manu and future Spur Luis Scola led Argentina to a gold medal finish over Italy after defeating Timmy and the Spurs yesterday. Hooray Manu! I salute you.

08.22.04 - So I was unwinding from our second family fishing outing to Corpus, watching a movie downstairs by myself late at night. Oh, I can't forget to tell you that our A/C is temporarily busted, so it's as hot and humid as ass in the house, and we all know roaches thrive in this setting. And anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely HATE roaches. Anyways, I'm watching Scary Movie 2 on comedy central when all of a sudden, I feel something hairy brush up against my toes. I first thought, 'hmm, must be a rat.' Then I take a slow look down, and I see a black roach sitting at my feet. So instinctively, I jump off the couch, and in Olympic fashion, bolt upstairs and wake up my dad, all the while shrieking like a girl. I type this here only because I have no shame about my big pussiness as an adult, and I admit that my unhealthy fear of those tiny creatures are definitely the biggest hit to my masculinity. Back to my story. So my dad comes down and smacks it dead as I cower far, far away. Now I'm doing double takes on every little dark thing on the floor, from pen caps to coins. I'm the giantest pussy in the free world. The end.

In a completely different show of instinct, today after church I returned a coquettish look to this one girl who was obviously not legal. I'm sure she thought I was in her age range, due to my youthful look and unkempt hair, but my reflexes made me return the look. I used to do that all the time when it was okay to (I'm terrible with words, so I 'flirt' with my eyes and smile), and even though I still feel 17 or 18 when I'm not in school, I need to realize I'm slowly morphing into an old man day by day. Shame on you, old guy.

I'm sacrificing the internet in my new apartment because I tend to waste too much time on it, and I have a T1 connection available a short bike ride away on campus. So I will no longer be updating as often once I return to Austin tomorrow. But that's ok though, because my posts get more boring when I write here more frequently. So many things to do my senior year. Here I go!

08.18.04 - Woohoo! As of today, my eBay rating has hit the big 25! I really should have more, but even after emails, several people who won one of my items have chosen not to leave me any feedback for whatever reason.

I truly love every four years when the summer Olympics comes around. Honestly my favorite part is seeing an emotional winner react to their triumphs, really regardless of what country they represent. I got goosebumps seeing replays of Paul Hamm as he came back from twelfth to win American's first ever individual all-around gold medal. These Americans sure are under immense pressure. Sure, they're our best athletes, our cream of the crop, but the media makes it seem like anything short of gold is a bust. That's true for basketball, but not everyone can be an Olympic champion or withstand the pressures on the quest. Speaking of men's basketball, I still have hope for them. Gold's still very possible. Let's go Timmy!

08.17.04 - Out of sheer boredom and determination to finish my half-done job I began last Christmas break at home, I painted half the kitchen today, and now only the bathroom, laundry room, and the other half of the kitchen are all that remain of the unpainted walls downstairs. Oh, and I have to repaint the wall behind the heavy ass entertainment center to match the rest of it.

Beginning with a drum tab from mxtabs.net, I'll test my ear by editing it, then transferring it to the much more readable sheet music (btw, you can get free, printable blank sheet music from blanksheetmusic.net), then of course I'll go through and learn it, or at least try. The song is That Thing You Do, you know, the catchy theme played by the Wonders, or the One-Ders, as they were originally called. It's a fun and moderately easy, drum part to a fun song, and it'll be a welcome addition to my slowly growing repertoire. In the past I felt like I was just as good playing by ear with my horn as I was sight reading a new piece, but then again, I was only playing one note at a time, and these drums require use of multiple appendages.

What do you think I should do with my hair? Considering that I've nixed the idea of shaving my head, seeing how my eyebrows are too bushy and my ears stick out a bit too far, as my sister so eloquently put it before, here are the choices:

a) stick to the same ol fade and spiked top,
b) continue to grow it out, or
c) you think people actually read this boring site? Decide for yourself, you indecisive schmuck!

I probably go with choice c.

08.14.04 - And so falls another personal record. Yesterday I went through TWO Asian buffets, the first, Thai Chili, with my momma, and the second, Buffet Palace with my folks at Austin. And damn, in my 21+ years of existence, not once have I been to a buffet and not failed to overeat. It's just wrong to go in there in not get your money's worth. Even though I'm near full after one plate, I make sure to eat really fast so I can get back and stuff my face with a second and third plate. Then to top it off, when we got home today, where did we choose to eat for dinner? Zoopa's, another buffet, albeit a "healty" one. So it's midnight and my tummy's still bulging. Also today I introduced my folks to Freebirds, what I consider to be a safe Austin eating experience. It's funny how often my family eats out compared to how often I eat out in Austin - almost never. Why? Because I'm a broke, jobless geek who's content pretty much eating the same thing week to week.

Now I'm almost completely moved in (living an hour away means I can move in pretty gradually), and after we threw away all the junk, my place has really taken shape. It's lookin good there, and all that's missing now is a drumset and a fully functioning A/C unit.

So I was at Linens and Things, and I saw one of those weighing scales that supposedly measures your body fat percentage, too. There was this tape playing on mute that was explaining how this one works, and it seemed reasonable enough to me. Ever since high school I was curious to know that stat, so I step on the scale, enter my info, and it gives me a reading of 13.5%. That sounds about right. I imagine I've added a percentage point or two since high school, but that's life. Sooner or later my slowly dwindling, formerly high yet still pretty good metabolism will no longer allow me to eat whatever I want without lasting effects, but I'm determined to delay that day as long as I possible can.

08.13.04 - Exciting announcement for today - I AM A SENIOR!!! I know what you're thinking. It's taken you this long, even with all those summer classes? Yes, it sure has. If you must know, my academic overachieving days are long gone (left em during early high school), and remember that I had originally intended to graduate a semester or two late. So I'm happy with myself. I only needed C's in those community college classes to transfer the credit, but that bit of pride within me encouraged me to go for whatever was necessary to just get those A's.

Next exciting item on my agenda - We're picking up the U-Haul later today and moving my furniture to the bachelor pad. I'm ready for a bit of physical labor. After all, that's what I really excel at, not this educational mambo-jambo =P

08.10.04 - The boy peaked in, and seeing no immediate danger, entered the room. Though he was by himself, the tension in the air could've been be sliced like butter. His eyes darted throughout, trying to find something on the walls to focus on and ease his mind, even if just for a fleeting moment. Suddenly, and without warning, he felt a light draft on his back. "DROP EM!" the voice boomed behind him. The boy hesitated a moment like a deer in the headlights. "DROP...THEM...NOW!" The boy quickly weighed his limited choices, and seeing no better option, complied with the order. "Now turn and cough."

Yeah, I got my first physical since before cross country freshman year. But no, I actually didn't have to get felt up by the cold, prodding hands of my doctor, so I'm still not a man yet. I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, but it is one of the many items on my life's To Do List, which resides in my head, not on paper.

The end of an era. Dan's and my days at College Park are now officially over. It's hard to believe that it's been two years already.

08.08.04 - Mucho congrats to Justin and Amy Lee. And so the first of my people exit the Land of Singledom. Alright, who's next now?

The move out process at CP 1435 is almost complete, and the clutter has begun to pile up at C 208. It's really sad to think that I'll be completely done a year from now. If I had my way (not to mention more moolah), I really would've been on the five year plan. In fact, I may petition the NCAA to consider my first year at UTSA my redshirt freshman year, so I can get all four years of eligibility at UT. I often forget that I'm a year ahead of the good folks I came in with (the true freshmen then, while I was a 'second year freshman'). But as it is, I have a year left in my collegiate career to enjoy all that UT and Austin have to offer, something I haven't done to the fullest. So many things are on my agenda for my senior year (good, clean fun, of course). Yeah, four more days and I'm officially a senior. My parents mention how I look to young to be finishing up school soon. I totally look forward to independence and responsibility, but at the same time wish I could start this ride all over.

08.06.04 - WOW, my new apartment is small! I didn't remember it being that way when I took the tour, but I stepped in there all excited, and now I realize I have very little living room area. Once I had my imaginary furniture planned out in my head, I realized that I completely forgot my small table. Instead of bringing that now, I'll have to downgrage to one of those little foldable food trays. One good thing finally came about from my 27" TV busting this past year - it certainly wouldn't have fit anywhere in this new place. And damn! Even when it's cool in there, it's steamy in the loft. We'll see if a fan will do any good up there. The ceiling slopes low up there, so there's good floor space but limited head space. The drums should fit snugly there with my stereo. The balcony's nicely sized, so my Dad suggested I put my dresser and table out there. Hehe, maybe it'll come to that. Hmm, wish I could afford to spend a bit of time in the sun, but I fear disappearing when night falls. All in all, I'm satisfied with the place, and this'll be a fun year. I probably shouldn't have helped my sister move in to her new apartment, because I've been a tad spoiled by her place's cavernous spaciousness, well, compared to mine at least.

Oh, and I won a pretty cheap used Zildjian ride cymbal today. That'll join my others in the practice set, and later I'll upgrade em all.

08.05.04 - I've been looking forward to getting keys to my new apartment and moving things in this friday that I nearly overlooked my "big" research paper for my English class. I started it around 3 am but got sleepy, of course, and whipped it out after a few hours of shuteye. I've now come to realize why I have yet to shed my procrastinating and cramming ways - I can get away with it. Granted, my grades aren't spectacular, but they're good enough to satisfy me. It does bug me, however, that I haven't truly challenged myself, and when something challenging has come along, I've folded, dropping the class or whatnot. I've definitely underestimated myself and not applied myself and blah blah blah...I've decided not to move in all my furniture that requires the U-Haul, so Mom and Dad are coming to help bring all my sorted junk from College Park to my new place, Cornerstone. Wheee! Excitement builds...I still need to buy quite a few things for my place and decide exactly what I'm bringing from home, but it's a pretty small place. Since I'm there just for my final year (not to mention that I'm a cheap fella), I'm not spending very much at all. I'm bringing my sister's bed and dresser and the stiff couch that sits in my parents' bedroom. My drumset will be my most prized possession there.

I've noticed that I've been cursing quite a bit lately, though mostly when I'm by myself and in moments of physical pain, or some other dumb things. Yeah, I'm trying to change that, because it's oh so not sexy of me. And I've realized that it's actually quite relieving to follow the speed limit, or maybe not stray too far above it. No more constantly looking around for Popos. I just have to learn to let people pass me. I have this bad habit of getting into it with other agressive drivers, mostly on the way from SA to Austin or vice versa. Yeah, I know, it's terrible, and I'm really thankful I've only gotten one speeding ticket in the six years I've been behind the wheel, and I didn't even deserve that one.

08.04.04 - Whoa, whoa! This whole time I assumed the long-haired funky lookin fella of Black Eyed Peas was the Filipino-American, but he's not. It's Apl.de.Ap, a guy I assumed was African-American. I just learned this after watching the APL song. Sorry, I can't tell you what he's saying in the chorus since I don't know my parents' language. Damn shame, ain't it?

08.03.04 - Wow. The US basketball team got absolutely rocked by Italy. I stopped watching at halftime since I had to head to Austin to pack my stuff for my friday move-in, and we were down by six at that point after having been down by fifteen earlier in the half. Apparently Italy shot the lights out, though we were slow to rotate on defense, so there always seemed to be somebody open. Time to take over, Timmy, or else Manu may just beat you in Athens.

08.02.04 - In the past three weeks or so, I've netted a little bit over $400 in sales on eBay from 9 sold items, with the bulk of that coming from my iPod. So what've I done with my earnings? I've blown it all on a Pearl drumset from Sam Ash, of course! It wasn't an impulse buy, though, since I've been drooling over a set for awhile and playing on makeshift sets (stool, chairs...), and that's the main reason I gave up the iPod (the sorry battery life was the other). Since when have you been into drums, boy? I'll tell you when. For the longest time, I assumed I was too uncoordinated to even bother with trying to play using all fours. But ever since Pre-Con, when Anton and Sean spent a good three hours giving Camille a crash course (I tagged along), I realized that I could. So I hopped on when Camille was on a break, and, BAM! I knew I wanted to pursue this as my new hobby, since it has been three years since my last real musical endeavor, and I like to do things I'm good at, or maybe I'm good at things I like to do. Well, no, I like playing basketball, but I'm quite bad at it. So hear I am, pursuing my new hobby while having a blast. The reason I picked the Pearl Rhythm Traveler set was the muffled heads that came with the kit in addition to the regular plastic heads, and the ease of transporting it. The muffled heads are really quiet and allow me to play at night without disturbing the peace, and the toms and snare fit together in a bag since there are no heads on the bottom. I'm gonna throw it up in my small loft and just jam to music in my spare time in the capital city. Next up, Sabian cymbals. The cymbals that came with the set are pretty crappy, but they serve the purpose for practicing, and I need a crash.

To quote Madonna, "Music makes the people come together. Yeah" =P

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