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I'm Joe Schmoe

Generally optimistic, often idealistic. Mix in a bit of rhythm, and you've got me in a nutshell.

Not sure exactly if I'm more of a dork or an idiot. Well, got my answer. Dork wins!

For the most part, I like the person I'm well on my way to becoming. There's always room for improvement, though. Quite a bit, in my case. But yeah, no apologies for who I am!

I'm gonna take it a step further and add 'Run a marathon in every state' to my Life's To Do List, which, of course, means I must complete that first one here in TX, which, of course, means I must complete my first half-marathon, which, of course, means I must start running again. Thinking generously now, say if I do two a year, then I can be done by the time I'm a granddaddy. Yes, I'll give myself leeway because, well, things always come up.

I should get some word in January regarding the gov't position I applied for back in October. I prob couldn't find a safer job than working for my Uncle Sam, but is that what I really want? Every now and again I feel drawn towards a service-oriented career, you know, something this idealistic fool could get behind. Years/decades from now, I'd love to reflect and be proud of the life I've lived. Gotsta do some homework on this.

I've got some great friends, and I'm surrounded by some strong-ass women that make up for my weak, passive ways. Haha.

I almost always come up with the perfect thing to say. Usually it comes to me about a week after the moment has passed.

I use exclamation points liberally! Do I go overboard!?! Sometimes!!!

Looking forward to what the future brings. So bring it!