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updated Sept 18, 2003

Fall 2003 - I am no longer competing in the sport. It was really fun to beat people in high school, but now I just don't have the time nor energy for it. I did gain several friends through powerlifting, and that's probably the biggest positive from it. And at least ONE of my records still stands though =) I never lifted for looks, but damn! You can tell I've been off the weights just by looking at me. I'll get back into it. Someday.

The Roadrunner Powerlifting Club

Roadrunner PowerliftingRoadrunner Powerlifting


Longhorn Open - Nov 17, 2001
123 lb weight class
870 lb total
Squatting 320 gave me this constipated look
320 lbs
175 lbs - bench is my weakness
Bench Press:
175 lbs
375 lb deadlift - there's that constipated look again
375 lbs

SWT Invitational - Feb 2, 2002
123 lb weight class
150 kg (330.68 lbs) squat
82.5 kg (181.88 lbs) bench press
177.5 kg* (391.31 lbs) deadlift
410 kg (903.88 lbs) total

*USAPL Texas Collegiate record
(note: my UT teammate, Gil the Thrill,
destroyed the record the next year)

USAPL Collegiate National Powerlifting Championships
April 12-14, 2002 at Killeen, Texas
123 lb weight class
407.5 kg (898.13 lbs) total
Me, Jamal, Taylor, Juan, Jasmine and Andrew
147.5 kilos
147.5 kilos
325.09 lbs
82.5 ilos
Bench Press:
82.5 kilos
181.83 lbs
177.5 kilos
177.5 kilos
391.21 lbs

USAPL College Cup in Thibodaux, LA
114 lb weight class
315 lb squat
165 lb bench press
*410 lb deadlift
890 lb total

*USAPL Texas Collegiate record
(note: this record was also beat,
this time, by a freakishly strong fella)

too bad my squat, bench and total went down

Upcoming meets:

SWT Invitational - Feb 2003
USAPL Collegiate Nationals - April 2003

Goals this year:
350 lb squat
200 lb bench <-- so far away =(
430 lb deadlift

These 2 pics are from Regionals my senior year.
I broke the deadlift record with 360 lbs in the 114 lb class.
Would you believe I was the first guy from my school to qualify for state?
Preparing to squat 310 as Coach Wesp look onDeadlifting regional record 360 lbs

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