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Karilagan Philippine Cultural Group

Ok, these pictures are a few years old.

Edwin C. Duero Dance Company
This awesome dance group came to teach us and the Saint Mary's Hall
girls a few dances and to perform their own dances at a production on June 14-15.
The following pics are from the dress rehearsal/technical run-through on June 13.
Jerome, John, Carlo, Matt and Me - The swole guys of Karilagan =P One of the ECDDC dancers - Having no flash creates a weird, tripped out effect The male seagulls doin their pelvic thrusts during Lapay The Lapay dancers. They're supposed to be seagulls The Tinikling dancers
ECDDC and Karilagan
The following pics are from the day of our first performance (June 14).
The pics were taken before and after the show, then afterwards at IHOP.
Matt and Tanya putting on lipstick together Me fully decked out for Pangalay Everyone after the show The youngins My sis and JP pose after the show
Tiffany and Matt after the show Oliver, Vincent and Novy Elena and Ross John ready to eat. Ernest took this picture. Me and Ernest. Ross John took this pic. Amy Lee and Justin
The following pics were taken on June 15, our second performance.
Matt and Stella pose for a pic before the show A big group of dancers Pangalay Dancers - Erl, Me, Jeremy, Xyrah, Abby and Aleth The Titas Jota de Manilena
Stella and Me in our Manilena outfits Matt, Me, Carlo, Noel and Jon lookin good in our colorful Tinikling costumes. Oliver, Me, and Justin Christina, Me and Alisa Lionel, Me and Matt
The next pics are from the going-away picnic at Jeremy's on June 16
and then at the SA Airport on June 17 =(
Me, Novy and my Ate Me, Sir/Uncle Edwin and my Ate Before saying our final good-byes at the airport =(

Performance at Austin
We performed right in front of the Capitol building.
We were part of this program for Flores de Mayo.
Binaylan Banog Binaylan Banog Jerome, Me and Johnathan Karasaguyon - That's me picking my wife from the 4 sisters Karilagan Dancers

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