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Jezamine and Josh - 12.02.06
Wedding - University of the Incarnate Word
Reception - St. Anthony's Hotel

You may kiss the bride!

Releasing doves outside always works...

...unless one of the doves goes poopie on the bride's hand.

Happy couple at the reception.

Karilagan! Aleth and Noel, with the always-rockin Pangalay.

Boom! Tinikling.


Cutting the cake. Good cake, that is.

Brother, sister, brother.

With Joy, Jaye-Pee, Joanne, and Suzie. I had no choice but to jump in when
the bridesmaids got together like that.

Wedding party with their toasts.

Jez and Jaye-Pee. Loverly.

Bouquet toss. It hit Mae, and she practically ran away from as if it would bring the plague.
Chicken! So Suzie ended up with it.

The three of us with the beautiful bride.

Brother and sister during the money dance. Everybody now, "awwwwww."

Joy, Aleth, and Joanne - possibly 3 members of the Beach to Bay team, perhaps? Maybe?

A whole lotta brown folk

Ah, I love weddings!