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My Friends

Just b/c you don't see your face here doesn't mean I don't consider
you a friend. It's probably b/c I haven't taken a picture of you yet =)
with Jason, the 2002 valedictorian of Randolph HS (6/07/02) Jason and Me at the Texas Folklife Festival after my performance there (6/08/02) the kindhearted gentlemen of 1435 David and Me, products of the public school system Shayla, Tatiana, David and Becky on their way to prom. Those girls are really sweet and beautiful, and David's not too bad himself =)
My Sis and Katrina at Sunshine after Jaye-Pee's Commissioning (5/11/02) Katrina, Jaye-Pee and my sis at Sunshine after Jaye-Pee's Commissioning (5/11/02) Matt, Noel and Me David and Tatiana, his date at Randolph's 2001 prom=) Joanne, Aimee and Abby
Jaye-Pee and Me Trina and Gayle, who visited from Delaware. These girls got it goin on!!! hehe =P(June 02) Jerome, John, Carlo, Matt and Me after rehearsals a not-so-new pic with Camille Jake and Arlyn

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