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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
09.16.04 - Well wouldn't you know it? Last year when I took accounting, a mini project on the side was purchasing 100 grand of whatever stocks we chose. My primary stock choice was XM Satellite Radio (XMSR), since they were just beginning to heavily market that product at the time. I believe I bought it for around $16, and now it's sitting pretty at over $30. If only that was real. Shoulda, coulda, woulda...

I just wanna finish school already, yet I don't wanna leave this city.

09.13.04 - Tonight I went to my first Habitat for Humanity campus chapter meeting, and I felt just like all the other folks there, wanting to pad my resume, but that's not why I'm really there. With all the time I waste on a daily basis, I figure, why not do something useful with my time? Plus, I enjoy doing home improvement projects, just haven't gotten around to doing the things I want to do at home. And I get high from helping others, so it all works out, except there are so many people in the organization, I don't know if I'll even be able to do anything useful. I signed up for a project on the 25th which will take all day until the football game against Rice. Hopefully they have room for my scrawny ass.

"Oh, you're an economics major. What are you gonna do with that when you're done?" To which I always respond with a shrug, followed by "Iono." But now I do have a general idea. We'll just see if it's feasible or not. But I mustn't forget that in this job market, I can't afford to be picky. Desperate sounds more appropriate. I'm just glad my family has never been rich, b/c I certainly won't be in the future! And I can live with that.

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