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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
09.27.03 - Last night I went home to watch Randolph's homecoming football game. I don't know if it's all relative or if young Ro-Hawks aren't eating their Wheaties, but football players and cheerleaders looked awfully small from where I was watching. Oh yeah, we beat St. Anthony.

Then tonight Lorilei and I joined some other FSAers to work at today's game against Tulane. We 'hawked' water, Cokes, and popcorn to the wonderful Longhorn fans. Although I too am guilty of it, I'm always bugged when our "faithful" fans clear out long before the game is over. I'm sure you wouldn't want to wait in insanely long lines while driving away from the area, but come on. I don't think the players appreciate it too much. And the one thing I like about our friends in College Station is their devotion to their football team. I've never actually watched the end of an Aggie game, but with their traditions and rules and all, I'm sure they don't clear out when there's plenty of game left.

Tonight I got to closely observe the marching band for the first time ever, since we worked at the lower level. The biggest thing I noticed before the game was that when they entered the field, they marched toe-to-heel, as opposed to what I had done for five years. But during their shows, they marched heel-to-toe. Oh, and the alumni band was composed of some 600 members. I'll be posting some pictures soon if they turn out ok. Oh, did I mention we won?

09.24.03 - I finally saw one of the few famed albino squirrels who calls UT home. And unlike his brown counterparts, he/she crossed the street at the crosswalk like all civilized animals should.

I kinda want to buy my own urethane bowling ball and shoes, thereby stepping me up from weekend bowler to partially serious/hardcore bowler dude. I feel like I can consistently roll 170's, and my average since the summer is definitely over 150. However, my third 200 game eludes my grasp!

I think I never bought my own equipment when it came to bowling, powerlifting, band, or anything else because deep down inside, I felt like the lack of my own stuff gave me another reason to not feel so bad about myself for not staying on par with the other good folk. Heh, that's a lame excuse, ain't it.

09.21.03 - Too bad we can't play New Mexico State and Rice 12 times this season.

The FSA Derelicte theme party was a bit tamer than the previous parties, but it was still fun to dress up with Lorilei. I was a flasher =D

09.17.03 - I played a French Horn for the first time since May 2001, but unfortunately, I was unable to rent it myself from the music store due to my insufficient credit. Boo on my financial irresponsibility. Not really though. I've just never had a credit card or a loan under my name.

For my accounting class, most students are participating in this online stocks game (www.stocksquest.com) where they give you $100,000 to start and you do your thing. As of now, I've moved up from 5th to last to 11th to last out of 387 participating students in the combined classes. In a span of a couple of weeks, I've lost about 2.5 percent of my original amount, while a couple of guys have actually managed to gain around 50%! I should consult them for stock tips for real life.

09.15.03 - Wow, that was a great Monday Night Football game. Can't say the same about my Horns, though. It's a damn shame we have nothing that resembles a solid running game at all. It would've been really cool if we went to the Red River Shootout with both teams undefeated, but that's no longer possible. I can guess that one team will still be without a loss. And that team will play for the national championship. But we'll see.

09.12.03 - Driving by the Longhorn Marching Band practicing at night, I got really nostalgic, what with all my marching memories, enough so that I've decided to take up my horn in the relatively near future in an attempt to tryout for the band next year. I've said this before, but this time, I'll actually take some action (despite the funkiness of the UT uniforms). Band nerds of the world unite as one! We'll see what a two year layoff does to a decent French Horn blower.

Classes are going well enough, but I can't really say until test times roll around. I only have one lame teacher, and it sucks that he's teaching my major course.

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