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Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. And smile, damn you! Someone's always watching in Rod-J's Space.

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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
09.27.02 - How'd our performance go? Well, it went =) Afterwards, I went with my sis, JP, and Trina to AMC to watch Sweet Home Alabama. It was what they call a "feel good movie," and rightfully so.

09.25.02 - Today I found out that I got the second highest quiz grade in my government section. That was a very uplifting moment for me =)
weather's been great these past couple of days.

09.21.02 - What a beautiful day for a good ol' fashioned ass whoopin at the hands of the Longhorns =)

09.16.02 - So my day was feeling just a little bit on the empty side. But then after my 4:00 Spanish class, who did I bump into? None other than Sara H (or is it Sarah H, I don't remember). Besides Doug, she's just about the only other Randolph alumni here at UT that I hadn't seen yet. For a fella who's a bit too timid to step out of his comfort zone often, familiarity is a good thing =) It's awesome to see friendly faces that you hadn't seen in quite some time. Ok, back to my studying....right =P
Oh yeah, and apparently today is UT's 119th birthday, so happy b-day UT!

9-11 - Remember how chaotic things were this time last year?

Today I drooled in my biology book at the library. I don't mean a couple of drops, I mean a stream! Kinda gross, huh? I learn through osmosis =)

09.07.02 - Guess who did his laundry for the first time in his life? Yep, it's a major step in a young man's life. And I didn't screw up!

09.06.02 - My parents, also caught up in the American Idol craze, bought tickets for the whole family for the American Idol concert in San Antonio in october. How awesome is that? =)

09.05.02 - I experienced a few firsts today. I got my first grade at the University of Texas, which was my first 100. I saw my first openly gay couple on campus. They were actually an 'odd' looking couple. There may have been a foot difference in their height. But anyways, I also got my first "Hook em" sign from one of the homeless people on Riverside. So yeah, it was an interesting day.

09.04.02 - How dumb am I? It took me 12 hours to realize that I forgot to go to my chemistry class. And THEN I forgot to tape the first hour of American Idol! Uhh sometimes I wonder about myself...
There were a lot of ppl at the UT FSA meeting, but not half as many as I expected. Heh, JP and I represented UTSA with our FSA Playas shirts. The funny thing is that we didn't even plan to coordinate like that =)

09.03.02 - JP got me a ticket to my very first division 1 football game, UT versus University of Houston on the 21st =) Speaking of Longhorn football, I saw Chris Simms driving through the campus in his white Escalade with gold trimmed rims. Not too bad, I must say.

09.01.02 - Today was a fun and interesting day. Camille, Dan, and I took a lil road trip to Houston and watched "The Debut," which we all enjoyed. One of the producers there explained before the movie (which took them 8 years to create and was actually filmed in 1997) that since they had little outside funding, they went city to city themselves, promoting the movie by word of mouth. After the movie, we checked out the sights with some of Camille's friends, then we headed home. I decided to tough it out and drive all the entire trip back to Austin despite my drowsiness. About halfway home, I started to drive a little more jackassishly than normal. There were several cars that tried to pass me on 290, a two-lane highway, but when they tried to, I'd hit the gas and drive even with them for some distance. I'd also unintentionally drift towards the right side of my lane near the next car, which I didn't notice until Dan brought it to my attention. So after several miles of this, the Suburban behind me, whom I had been messing with a little, slowed down and began flashing his hazards. A moment later, a police car pulled a u-turn and flashed his lights for a moment, so I slowed down to near the speed limit. I thought he had me for speeding since I was the front car of our little pack. But that wasn't so, since he turned his lights off. But at the very next intersection, the same Suburban behind me turned on his hazards again just as two more police cars, camped out very conspicuously in the median, began following me. So I turned into the first place possible, an Exxon. The two cops then followed me in there, then flashed their lights. The first cop asked for my license and registration. I thought I was in deep trouble since it was Camille's van and there was now a state trooper that had joined the two police cars, but the cop informed me that he had pulled me over for changing lanes in an intersection, though I knew that wasn't the real reason. So after heading back to his car and conferring with his buddies, he came back saying, "another reason we pulled you over was because we received a call from another driver saying that you were swerving and driving like you were intoxicated," to which I replied, "I wasn't swerving." He then asked me if I had any alcohol in the vehicle, which of course we didn't. And I guess since I had a clean record, he let us go. Yes, the driver of the Suburban called the cops on me and told them I was DWI, which I wasn't, of course. I laugh in his/her face. And that's my interesting story for today =)

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