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Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. And smile, damn you! Someone's always watching in Rod-J's Space.

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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
10.23.03 - Damn, I got my Co-op rebate check today. You receive 10% of your year's purchases in the form of a rebate to be spent at the Co-op later. Last year I spent a whopping $955 there. That's a lot of money.

10.22.03 - I never thought I'd be so elated after receiving a 69 on a mid-term, but I am, considering my grim outlook plus the fact that with the professor's curve, a 60 is a B and the class average was 59. So I'm much more optimistic for this semester. My goal of at least a 3.0 looks much more manageable.

Oh, on sunday was Lorilei's and my second IM soccer game. First game we lost 5-0 because not enough people showed up and we were undermanned. This time around, we had a full roster though we still lost 2-1. Apparently, I did well enough to get praise from our capitan. Though we may not kick booty against other IM teams, we WILL do so at Goodphil (hoping that soccer is included this year).

10.13.03 - Wow, if things didn't finally click in the last ten minutes of my economics test, I would've failed miserably, though I still didn't do well on it. Mom and Dad, if you read this, I'm just kidding.

10.01.03 - Another first for me at UT: On monday I finally got the pleasure of standing in the draw line for tickets for the Kansas State game. Yep, I damn near waited as long as the actual game for the right to go to the game. But it was worth it, since this'll be one helluva game!

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