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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
10.27.02 - Well, I slept a lot of my study time away and spent even more of it glued to the TV. In channel surfing I found myself watching this international billiards competition on ESPN 2. One of the finalists was Efren Reyes, the Filipino 9-ball champ. The commentators mentioned how he's inspired a generation of Filipino billiards players, and how Filipinos can do anything with a cue stick =D

10.26.02 - We got up at the booty crack of dawn to put on a damn good show for the folks who came out so early at Gregory. Then we went to usher at the UT vs Iowa State game. It's kinda funny that we got there an hour and a half before the football players did. It was cool seeing all the football players file in to the cheers of the faithful fans. This one stadium worker yelled to Cedric Benson, "Run 200 today, Cedric." And what does he do? Get 199. He could've worked just a wee bit harder...heh, j/p. But yeah, today was fun despite me and Dan freezing our legs off in that rain.

10.25.02 - Ooh, it's a damn good thing I went to class today. I would've completely forgotten about that test. Yuck.

Mr. Erwin should rest assured knowing that his place is clean.

10.22.02 - I made a spontaneous decision to donate blood today at school. The third time's the charm. There's no better feeling than making a sacrifice knowing that someone in need will benefit from it. I just hope it gets used.

10.21.02 - Oh my, oh my!! As I was heading to practice, I ran into Ricky Rodriguez! Who's Ricky, you ask? He and I competed against each other in band, cross country, track, and of course, powerlifting in high school. He went to another little school, Nixon-Smiley, while I went to Randolph. Our junior year he set the regional deadlift record in the 114 lb class on his way to qualifying for state, and our senior year I beat that very record =) We both went to state that year, him in the 123's and me in the 114's. I considered him to be my friend and rival. And now we go to the same university! Small world, ain't it? Well, not at UT =P

10.13.02 - With my fabulous roomie by my side, I've rediscovered the unending fun of running....at night....in the cold!!! Feels good, man...

10.12.02 - This morning I went on base to get some tax-free groceries, and the gate guard, stopping me to see my military ID, looked at me surprisingly and asked, "you're 16?" I just smiled and said "yes," not wanting to waste his or my time explaining to him that I'm actually a 19 year old college boy.

UT lost the Red River Shootout...again. Simms choked...again. Well I guess you'd lose too if you didn't have a reliable offense.

My mom bought our family tickets to go see the American Idol show at the Freeman Coliseum at good ol SA. Even though the background singers and backup singers often drowned out the Idols, I really enjoyed myself there.

10.11.02 - The Randolph Ro-hawk football team continued their tradition by manhandling Cole with their awesome backfield, despite all those fumbles. I saw and talked to several high school buddies of mine. The guys from my graduating class look basically the same. None of them gained massive amounts of weight or anything. Dang, Will's in the army =) Oh yeah, the band opened up with the same exact song and routine that we did when I was a sophomore.

10.10.02 - Came home for Jaye-Pee's going away dinner at Zio's. She's being shipped out to Bama for a month. Three cheers for Intelligence!!!

10.07.02 - I got my bio 212 test back, and quite surprisingly, I got an 89 on it.

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