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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
11.26.03 - A&M still hasn't beaten us this millenia, so throughout my college career, we never beat the Sooners, so we take it out on the Ags. Well, nothing wrong with that, I guess.

11.21.04 - Top score on my skills test
So I just completed my Motorcycle Safety Foundations course through Motofun, and it was...awesome!!! We rode Kawasaki Eliminator 125s, and they were pretty much powered by engines not much larger than lawn mower engines. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to handle the bikes at the beginning, but just a bit into the riding portion of the class, and I was confident. By the end of today, I even scored highest on my skills test, and I'm obviously not ashamed to say that =)

As of now, before I actually sit on or test drive any bikes, my top choice is the Ninja 500, and the secondary choices are the Ninja 250 and Suzuki GS500, but it all depends on what feels best for me, and what deals I can find for used bikes. One of my fellow riders mentioned to me: "There are two types of riders - those who have dropped their bikes, and those who have yet to drop their bikes." So used is definitely smart for a first bike, though I fully intend on staying as incident-free as possible.

11.03.04 - So what possessed me to dress up as an import model on Halloween? I'm pretty much a quiet, moderately boring run of the mill kind of guy, so any chance I get to buck that trend, and I take it.

Here's my fantasy NBA team and their current positions:
PG - Baron Davis (Hornets)
SG - Richard Hamilton (Pistons)
G - Larry Hughes (Wizards)
SF - Peja Stojakovic (Kings)
PF - Amare Stoudemire (Suns)
F - Matt Harpring (Jazz)
C - Brad Miller (Kings)
C - Kurt Thomas (Knicks)
Util - Cuttino Mobley (Magic)
Util - Kenny Thomas (76ers)
Bench - PJ Brown (Hornets)
Bench - Nick Van Exel (Blazers)
Bench - Luol Deng (Bulls)

Yeah, I know, two Hornets, two Kings, and not a single Spur. I wanted to draft Manu, but he went earlier than I would've guessed. We'll see how my first fantasy season goes.

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