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Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. And smile, damn you! Someone's always watching in Rod-J's Space.

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D'oh!!! - In hastily editing my webpage, I accidently deleted my entries for the month of Novemeber. Too bad, b/c this was a particularly great month. This is the month that Lorilei and I started talking. On the 1st was FSA's Filipino Cultural Night. There were numerous dancing and singing acts. My favorite was none other than Ms. Lorilei herself, who impressed the crowd with her rendition of a Tagalog song whose title I don't know. Afterwards was the after-party (duh) where Lorilei and I hit it off. She was a bit tipsy =P and grabbed me to dance with her. Apparently, she liked the way I looked in my cowboy hat and tucked in shirt =D

Our first movie night was on the 8th, and the movie was 40 Days and 40 Nights. Second movie night was the 15th, and this time we watched Spiderman.

We then officially got together on the 16th of November during the FSA camping trip. That day was cold as hell (which makes no sense since Hell is probably pretty damn hot), but we became a couple while talking in our tent.

Lorilei single-handedly made my first semester at UT worth the transfer. If you were to ask me the two things I remember most from this semester, I'd tell you "Lorilei and my 410 lb deadlift."

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