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Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. And smile, damn you! Someone's always watching in Rod-J's Space.

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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
05.24.03 - Damn, the past two days here were hella fun. Yesterday, Katrina & I went to the driving range, and I got to really hit a golf ball for the first time. The problem was, I only made contact with the ball about 1/4 the time. But when I did get a good swing, that ball was long gone. Well not really. The farthest it went was around 175 yards. Yep, me and Trina, the champions of Whiff. I let her beat me in a putting competition later =P We missed some of the Spurs game, but we saw the good parts, like when the Spurs dominated in the 3rd quarter behind Parker's 19 points and when they didn't let up in the fourth.

Then today, we watched the very first regular season game of the San Antonio Silver Stars. And just like the Spurs last night, they won, beating out Sue Bird and the Seattle whatchamacallems. Oh yeah, I'm gonna add some pics when I get the chance.

Damn, that girl's graduating. My how we're all getting old as hell. But the gossip's still fresh and a lot more fun =D

05.18.03 - My two day stay in Houston was a very, very good one. There were no negative moments at all there with Bunny and her family. I totally feel more welcome in her house after bonding with her parents and finally meeting her brother, whom I feared just a lil bit before actually meeting him =D He says I'm cool and thinks I'm Bunny's most guapo bf, though also the shortest =P

05.15.03 - 143, Bunny

05.13.03 - Helllll yes!!! I had basically settled for a B in Micro, since I needed to score really well to come out with an A. But I went in there (all tired and hungry) and ended up missing two out of 40! Heehee, wow, normally I don't finish things out so well. But I'll damn well take it!

Damn Spurs...they deserved to lose after squandering their big ass lead...again. But I'm glad they didn't =)

05.10.03 - And a big congrats goes out to my bro and sis for earning their college degrees =) Two Onas down, one to go...

05.06.03 - Damn, I registered for summer school at ACC with the assumption that I'd be in district and therefore wouldn't have to break the bank to pay for tuition, but I'm not. Funny how I'm 1.9 miles from the Riverside campus yet I'm just out of Austin ISD boundaries.

05.05.03 - Go Spurs Go!!! Beat L.A.!!! 1 down, 3 to go!

05.02.03 - A big happy b-day to my Dad!!!

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