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Rod-J's Online Space

Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. I've uploaded some pics, and I have many more to take. Enjoy. And smile, damn you!

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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
05.30.02 - Watch out for my wicked forehand!

05.27.02 - Whatta day, whatta day! Candy, Arlyn, Jake, Kit, Allan, Karlo, Eric and me had a great time at Medina Lake.

05.24.02 - Today was a damn good day. I don't really know why, but it was. I was just feelin it today. You know what I mean?
I had a good talk with my bestest buddy. Hahaha we crack me up.
Then my dad, brother and I decided to go bowling, since my dad hadn't gone in 4 years. Haha, you could kinda tell, too. Well I got a 155, 166, then 178. That last game started out badly for me, but I turned around and hit 4 strikes.

05.23.02 - I was gonna hand deliver my UTSA transcript to UT, but I decided against that. Instead I just mailed it. Hope it gets there =)
Tonight we performed at Mexican Manhattan in honor of Philip Meyer, who's running for judge for county court 6. It went well considering the rocky "stage."

05.22.02 - Karilagan performed at Cameron Elementary School. You know you're good when you forget the music and still pull off a good show. For Pangalay, a Muslim dance, Uncle Mario played the beat on the Tinikling sticks with a screwdriver and a brush. Creative man, that Uncle Mario =). I danced Binasuan with Jez, and I didn't drop the glass! Then came our a cappela Tinikling.

05.21.02 - I picked up my transcript fromn UTSA today. Tomorrow I'll drop it off at UT's Office of Admissions and talk to Blake, the counselor I talked to last time.
Tomorrow, Jeremy, Jezamine, Aleth and I will perform 3 dances at an elementary school since it's Asian Pacific heritage month. Tonight after practice I had a good talk with Sonny. I like good talks.

05.20.02 - Tonight I hang/hanged/hung out with Dinah, Gilbert and Erik. Since the bowling alley closed earlier than we thought, we ate at Jim's and met Joseph, this rather odd waitor. Then we went back to Dinah's and played Risk, where I was the first to be eliminated and Erik conquered the world.

05.19.02 - Hell yeah! And1 finished 2nd in their division, even without my support =)
Jake's surprise party was purty cool w/ lots of Filipinos crammed into Sari-Sari.
VRROOOOOOOOOOOM glug glug glug glug vroom VRROOOOOOOOOOOM went Matt's tire-burning 5.0

05.18.02 - Katrina, Janette and Donya (sp?) kicked some bootay in their first game at the Roundball Ruckus. They play more games tomorrow.
Then I watched Star Wars Episode 2. Natalie Portman...damn. And Yoda!!!

05.16.02 - ooh baby, 4.0's what I like =)

05.15.02 - Karilagan (or a few us, at least) performed for war veterans from Bataan (and another battle). It marked my binasuan debut =)
After the performance, Sonny, Aleth, my bro and I watched Spiderman, and it f*ckin rocked!!! I'm for real. How long do I hafta wait for the sequel?
I coulda been one of the first ones to watch Episode II since Spiderman was showing right next to it and it finished just as the previews before Star Wars were beginning. Oh well, I'll see it later.

05.14.02 - Today at the Randolph gym I bumped into Chris Woodland, and we talked for a lil while about school, powerlifting, and future plans. He's an EE major at A&M, and he hopes to get back into powerlifting and compete at the Longhorn Open, but only if he regains his strength. Maybe I'll see him there.
I also saw Josh and Luis there. I hadn't seen Josh since graduation night, and I hadn't seen Luis at all after Christmas even though we went to the same school, so that was pretty cool to meet up with them.
Damn, the Spurs got knocked out of the playoffs, despite awesome numbers from Tim. Oh well, we'll get em next year.

05.13.02 - After watching Ocean's Eleven with my Mom and sis, I decided to go for a little run, you know, in an attempt to get back in shape for summer dance performances and whatnot. So a little before midnight, I took off at a semi-decent jogging pace. It actually wasn't too hard with the uncommonly cool TX weather. I'd say I went a good 4-5 miles before stopping back at my house. Not too bad considering the fact that I haven't run since 2001 =)

05.12.02 - GS-27 works wonders in removing scuffs from V-Dubs.
I think it's time for me to start running again...

05.11.02 - In the afternoon we watched the Leyte Dance Theater (a Filipino dance/ballet group) perform, and whoa, they freakin rocked. Their show was intense since they had all this energy. Their rural suite was funny, and their final number, Lupang Hinirang, was pretty touching. The hairs on my neck actually raised up during it.
Then at night was Jaye-Pee's commissioning at UTSA. Yep, she's a Lieutenant now! Who knows, maybe one day I'll salute her. We all ate at Sunshine afterwards, and my sister and I marinated =) her with From This Moment On by Shania Twain and Brian White. Hah, she really liked it, she really did =P Then my sis and I went to Katrina's to wait for Tyrone to arrive from his long drive. In the meantime, we played DDR for a few hours and got all sweaty and tired. I tell ya, that's fun stuff.

05.09.02 - Freakin awesome. I checked ASAP for my final grades. So far my only grade posted is an A in history. That's funny, b/c that was the very last test I took. I'm obviously happy with that.

05.08.02 - Running on two and a half hours of sleep, I breezed right through my TX Politics final. Thanks Mr. Puder for the really easy test. Then came the history exam. I didn't do as well as I had in previous tests, but I'm confident that I did well enough to keep my A. Yep, I'd have to say that Professor Kelly was by far my favorite teacher this year.
Wow, I'm not gonna be able to get my transcript until the 21st. So UT's gonna have to wait a couple weeks.

05.07.02 - Go Spurs Go! I was supposed to be studying, but what can I say? The game was just too damn good and important not to watch. They almost blew another humongo lead, but they pulled it out. Lakers better watch out when they come back here for game 3.

05.06.02 - I just finished my Macro final. I was all worried about it since I needed an A on it to get an A for my final grade, so I crammed for 3 days and re-read all the chapters we had covered. But the test turned out to be all easy. It was mostly common sense. Oh well, it's better to be safe than sorry. One down, two to go...

05.04.02 - We performed in Austin in front of the Capitol. I danced Karasaguyon and Binaylan-Banog (sp?) with the other young'ns. The whole program seemed really unorganized, but I have no room to talk since I know I couldn't have done it any better. I saw Scott, a Longhorn powerlifter. I met him at the SWT Invitational, since we were both "randomly" chosen for drug testing after the meet was over. I ended up talking to him about transferring there next semester. He told me that he is the team's equipment manager, and he thought about me when he bought some smaller suits. He seems like the kinda guy I'd wanna be friends with in Austin.
Seemed like everyone was taking their SAT's today and kickin ass in it, too. Right?
Well, it's back to cramming for me =(

05.02.02 - Today is my Daddy's birthday. He may be turning 47, but he doesn't look a day over 39.
My sister called and asked if I could stop by her school and take some of her stuff home so she wouldn't have to take it all at once. On my way there on the little 2 lane farm road, this Mustang GT police car followed me, so I made sure to stay right at 65 mph. Then he sped up and passed me. So I hit the gas and matched his speed, but I kept my distance. Suddenly we were both going 90, and I know he kept looking back in his mirrors because he would drift a lil from side to side. He turned a few miles later, and that's the end of my story. Sorry if it wasn't very good. Don't worry, one day I'll have a really good one for you =)

05.01.02 - Let's see, today I ran two red lights right in a row. I'm such a law-breaking maniac. Next thing you know, I'll be robbing banks and smuggling drugs in stolen Trans-Ams.

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