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Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. And smile, damn you! Someone's always watching in Rod-J's Space.

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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
03.30.03 - Final Four, baby! First ever for the University of Texas. Plus, the ladies advanced to the Elite Eight. Hook 'em...

03.29.03 - Ooooh yeayah. Longhorns advance to the Elite 8 after their 4 point victory over UConn and despite the fact that they lost their 14 point lead halfway through the second half. But it's alright, a win's a win. Who's the next to get victimized? Ahh, Michigan St...

One double oh =)

03.22.03 - Lorilei's and my date went well today. First was a stop at the outlet stores in San Marcos, where I bought a pair of cargos at Aeropostle...for $9.99! =D Then we went on to San Antonio, first going downtown to Rivercenter to meet up with her cousin. Entonces, we headed back to Randolph to get some good ol bowling in. She's getting better, though she doesn't seem to think so. We were on a one hour time limit, which sucked because it took me 3 games to warm up. In the 4th game, I was workin on a spare and 3 strikes before they shut our lane down. Then we ate at Chili's, stopped by my house, and came back to Austin.

03.21.03 - Ah yes, the Spurs win in overtime against the Mavericks and close the gap by a game thanks to Tony Parker's teardrop shot over Bradley and Nowitzki. Take that!

Yes! The Longhorns won over whoever the hell they played. Who's next?

Lorilei and I recommend watching Chicago, especially when on a date =)

03.20.03 - Hmmm, no entry in almost two weeks. Oh, the updates...

Where do I start? Oh yes, Goodphil - For starters, UT won claimed its 5-peat, thanks to its secret weapons, All-Stars Lorilei and Rod-J. Our Austin Powers-themed spirit took first (I'd like to mention that I'm the ONLY person in ANY FSA that has gone undefeated the past two years in spirit =P). The most memorable moment from opening night was during UH's spirit when the Titos entered the stage in their barongs and busted out with their C-walk. Then our modern placed 2nd behind UH, though Bunny and I thought UTSA got lost in the placings somewhere. Then on to sports, where I'm sure I missed a lot of action. Dang, seems like all of UTSA was calling me out, especially during the men's football championship...but I still love 'em =D

All the drama was unnecessary, but I guess our mob probably does annoy some other schools and the drama adds a touch of fun to the competition.

But what was the highlight of my weekend? Lorilei's Dad found out about me, and I got to talk to him a bit. It went well, considering the fact that he supposedly isn't too fond of any guy for his daughter. Things are looking up =D

03.10.03 - My mom and I switched cell phones yet again. If you don't know my new number and want it, lemme know.

Dang, tomorrow's my sister's 22nd birthday. She's in Florida with JP and her roomies for Spring Break, so I have a couple of days to find a gift =D

Mmmmm.....Pho Cong Ly.....P32.....

03.08.02 - I certainly hope you watched the UT-Oklahoma b-ball game today. If not, then you missed a kick-ass game. UT was down the entire game, up to 15 points in the second half, until the very last minute or so, and we won 76-71. Oklahoma had the nation's longest home game winning streak at 37, and who busts it? That's right, TJ Ford and the Texas Longhorns. Oh yeaaaaahhhh.

Dan decided to call our new terrier Missy. I agree with that one.

Guess what I finally got? A bike!!! Yep, I'd been planning on getting one to leave on campus so I'm not late to class all the time (UT's a pretty big campus, believe you me). I bought a 24" 18 speed Magna. It was a pretty cheap bike, being a "department store bike" as opposed to a "real" bike. But that's ok, b/c I'll be leaving it locked up on campus. I'm excited though =)

03.07.03 - Yay! Dan and I picked up our new puppy from the Town Lake Animal Shelter. She's a 5 month old Jack Russell terrior mix, and she's nearly fully white. She was all sedated because she got a full hyserectomy today. We haven't fully decided on a new name for her. Her current name is Snowball, but we're not so sure about that. Lorilei suggested Siopao (pronounced show-pow), so that's a possibility for now. I'll keep you updated. Aww, she threw up on the carpet...in my room...but it's ok, because she's cute as hell. As soon as I can upload pictures, I'll do it.

03.06.03 - Ok, I haven't posted in a week or so, so I'll start with the recent bad news:

I've been sick with an incredibly sore throat with a cough to go with it, and I've woken up with high-looking eyes a few times. Plus I haven't been getting enough sleep, which doesn't help my sickness at all.

Now, the good news (which far outweigh the bad):

Lorilei and I are in love. It's as simple as that. And I've gotten an A in every test I've taken this semester. We'll see how long I can keep this up =P I should be fine as long as I continue to do well in playing catch up, since I'm always a step or two behind in class. Oh, and Dan and I went to the animal shelter, and there's a good chance we may have a new addition to our apartment in the near future!

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