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Rod-J's Online Space

Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. I've uploaded some pics, and I have many more to take. Enjoy. And smile, damn you!

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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
06.28.02 - What a wonderful dream I had last night (don't worry - it was a G-rated dream). It seemed so real to me, but it won't ever be that way. I guess that makes her the girl of my dreams. And I'm happy having it this way =)

06.27.02 - One year, Noel.

06.23.02 - Wow, what a rush! I've NEVER had so much fun with my Miata, even though I've always known that they're designed to be 'fun' machines.

06.22.02 -

blowin out the candles

Happy birthday, Amy! First was dinner at Solarium, where I shared steak and shrimp with my sister. It's not that we're broke, we just weren't very hungry...yeah. Then we went back to Amy's, where we ate cake and ice cream then watched her copy of GoodPhil (for my sake). Yep, I've finally seen it, three months later =).

06.19.02 - Well, I'm no longer jobless, and Katrina and my sis now have their first jobs (hooray for them). We'll be temporarily working at West Telemarketing as inbound representatives. All they had left was the graveyard shift (boo for that), so the three of us signed up for the same times and days. I dunno if I'll still work when the second summer session begins. We'll see if I can take it that long.
In other news, my entire upper body is almost incredibly sore from the workout yesterday. Several other Randolph alumni were lifting in there, so I pushed myself a little harder than I had originally planned. No pain, no gain =)

Site Update: I added pictures from the ECD's going-away picnic/party and I finally added Folklife pics in the Karilagan section. I also added a few pics of Katrina and her cousins in the Friends section. So check em out =)

06.18.02 - Today the Edwin C. Duero Dance Company performed in Los Angeles. Heh...Matt, Noel and I wanted to take a road trip to LA to surprise them and watch em dance. But then there were our parents' consent, a ride, lots of gas money, food, and a place to sleep to consider. Needless to say, we didn't make the trip.
Tonight I hit the weight room for the second time this summer. I wonder how I'll feel tomorrow.

06.17.02 -

Going away

Today ECDDC left San Antonio for LA, where they'll do another show. Some of us were there to say good-bye as they left. Hopefully they'll be back before we know it.

Then after a nap, I went to Austin with my sister to drop something off at the Office of Admissions. I then bought some more UT gear and stickers, then we watched Bourne Identity with JP. I really enjoyed that movie. What's next? Scooby-Doo!
Ok, I think it's time for a damn job now.

06.16.02 - The ECD dancers and some of us went to watch the John Hancock Champions on Ice at the Alamodome. The show was pretty spectacular, especially seeing Michelle Kwan live.
After that was a going-away get together at Jeremy's house. Everyone was there to say good-bye to Uncle Edwin and the dancers. There was the usual eating, speech-making and gift-giving. None of the Karilagan members want them to leave yet. I was just getting to know some of them. The two dancers I talked to most were Ernest and Vincent. I need to learn some Tagalog before they come back again. Hehe, I think they all noticed that I'm not the most outgoing guy.
I'll be updating more pics soon, though I'm nearly out of space here. What to do???
Tomorrow morning they depart for Los Angeles, and some of us will see them off at the airport =(

06.15.02 - The second show also went well. Technically, it went smoother than yesterday's show. Nobody fell in Tinikling - in both shows! The ECDDC is freaking awesome. I love what they do in their modern suite. Jeez, they know so many different dances. These past couple of weeks have been time well spent.

06.14.02 - Our first performance went really well, at least from the little bit that I saw. I was completely satisfied with how I did, though I wouldn't wanna see myself on tape b/c I'd be able to point out every single mistake I made. Afterwards, we took many pictures and Camille gave me a Longhorn sticker for my car that she'd bought for me =).
The Edwin Duero Dancers and a few Karilagan dancers went out to eat at IHOP afterwards, so I decided to tag along. I'm really gonna miss these guys once their gone =( but I can't think about that until after our next show.
And congrats Tyrone for completing your field training, you slim, tanned guy, you.

06.13.02 - Today was our dress rehearsal and technical run-through for our shows on friday and saturday. I'm feeling really good, and not just about the performances.

06.12.02 - Wow! We got to see Uncle Edwin's group run through their modern dance suite. It actually inspired some of us to be better dancers. I will make an effort to stretch every day to improve my flexibility (or lack thereof). They say we could be really good dancers if we took classes and met more than once a week, but that'll definitely be hard once school starts up again. Everyone seems to go their separate ways, and I'll be one of them.

06.08.02 - Today was our stage performance at the Texas Folklife Festival. It went really well, mostly due to the presence of the Edwin C Duero Dance Company, our guests from the Philippines. We were told that our Spanish influenced dance, Jota de Manilena, also looked really well. Katrina didn't make it to our show, but that's alright, because Jason did =)
I'll post some pictures up soon.

06.07.02 - Sore muscles, very hot weather, many mosquito bites, not enough sleep, rug burns, several cuts, two cold sores on the same side of my mouth, and a burnt tongue. So how do I feel?

Really, really good
Why, you ask? I received a letter today, and it read:

"Dear Jerel:

Congratulations! Based on a review of your current academic credentials and personal achievements, I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the University of Texas at Austin...blah blah yadda yadda blah...I invite you to join the Longhorn tradition and hope to see you on campus soon. Thank you for your interest and welcome to the University of Texas at Austin.


Blah blah blah
Director of Admissions"

Tonight I attended Randolph's graduation. Brought back many memories, some I'm fond of, some I'm not. It was a little odd because I've been kinda avoiding the school. But anyways, my friend, Jason (last name omitted for his protection from stalkers) was the valedictorian (congrats to him and all the other graduates). Heh, his speech was the best I've seen, at least in terms of the "will-I-remember-it-five-years-from-now" factor. He said something to the effect of, "Next time you speak, keep it short. That way the words will be more memorable. Less is more." (I know I really butchered the quote) That's works for me since I'm a man of few words. As long as I've known Jason, though, he's been a guy who isn't afraid to speak his mind. Go get 'em, Tiger, and...

May the force be with you!

06.06.02 - The first day of the Texas Folklife Festival.

06.02.02 - Dammit, Lakers win in overtime.
On a brighter note, I found my wallet - in my other pants =)
Update: I added a Karilagan picture section.

06.01.02 - Performance at a church festival in Dilley. We did well, oh yes we did.
Oh yeah, and happy b-day JP!

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