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Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. And smile, damn you! Someone's always watching in Rod-J's Space.

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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
07.31.03 - Now doesn't this just suck juicy ass? Some lowlife(s) broke into my dad's Integra (which I had just borrowed and brought) at College Park and stole his Sony CD player (<--it was nice, too!). I filed a report with the Austin police and even had a cop come over and search for prints, though he did somewhat of a half-assed job at it. I'm crossing my fingers that GEICO covers that.

Funny news: I still applied for a CA job here at College Park.

07.26.03 - I had the bowling bug, and I had it big, so I suggested to my family that we all hit the lanes. Yep, I bowled a freaking 203 on my second game. Man, the strikes were dropping like ecstacy and other illegal contraband at raves. I knew it would be a good game when the four of us (my sis wasn't there) all got strikes in the first frame of the second game. Aah, I must say that bowling is definitely one of my favorite pasttimes. Too bad it's really expensive in Austin.

I'm bringing my Dad's Canon A1 back to Austin to play with. It's just about as old as me since my parents got it back in Okinawa. I'm going to discover the wonders of 35mm since the Canon digicam is the first camera I've owned.

07.23.03 - Alright, I'm not going to sit here and blatantly lie to you all. I was and still am indeed a Spice Girls fan. Rock on, ladies.

Doggy here!! Please check out my profile here. Hehe, I jacked Rod-J's code to make it...meow.

07.20.03 - Read this story from the UT website. Apparently there are some connections between looking good and getting good teacher ratings. That's why UT should weed out the less attractive professors and replace them with supermodels and adult film stars. I'm just kidding. Or am I? Damn straight! Here's to good education!

07.19.03 - Wowzers, Dan and I sure live in a ghetto area. It's 3am, and we hear gunfire, or something that sounds like it. I can live with the nightly police/ambulance/fire truck runs, but gunfire, helicopter searches, and that murder down the street last fall are a bit over the edge for my tastes.

Lorilei and I are headed for Houston in a few hours, and here I am, typing. Good morning.

07.18.03 - Man, Doggy the cat might have ringworm, so we're taking him to the vet today to find out. And it's contagious, too!

I can see why the hardcore swimmers are all ripped. After only a half an hour in the pool, I return to the apartment and looked like I just completed a light upper body workout. Hey, if I can keep up somewhat of a regular schedule of weight lifting, running, and swimming, maybe I can do my body good.

07.16.03 - Happy 2/3 yr anniversary, Bunny! {Bunny Invasion} Happy 2/3 anniversary Puppy! I love you!!!

07.15.03 - Well, today was my Super Workout and Procrastination Day, or SWaPD, for short. Hurricane Claudette was supposed to reach out and tease the Austin area, so I was looking forward to running in bad weather for the first time since my cross country days, but Mother Nature let me down and I had to settle for breezy and humid instead. After a decently paced 2.5 to 3 mile run (maybe the 4th time I ran this summer..boo on me) and a well-deserved shower, I went for some aquatic therapy. That's right, I swam alone...in an empty pool...at 11 pm...with a hurricane nearby. And guess what! For the first time ever, as far as I remember, I swam across the length of a pool freestyle. Sure, my form is all wrong since I did poorly in my swimming classes years ago (did I even get through it?), but I think it was the combination of my new $3 goggles and my newfound desire to get fit again (if Lorilei's gonna lose weight, then by golly, I'll get back in shape). Not only that, but I went across five times. Hooray for me! Too bad that damn calculus test should've been higher on my list of priorities..screw math...here's for your health!

07.13.03 - My dad burns me the greatest CD's. Three cheers for oldies!

NBA Street Vol. 2 consumes me...

07.12.03 - And a happy 18th b-day to Katrina...

On the way back to Austin, we were riding the E, but trusty ol' Lil Blue got us back, safe and sound =)

07.08.03 - Doggy's adding some size to his little frame. I see some potential with him and Missy.

Wow, it looks like the Glove will sign with the Lakers, and Malone will likely follow. I wonder where the Kidd is going?

07.04.03 - I love coming home, although my number of visits wouldn't really agree. This time, I took Lorilei and Doggy with me. We watched T3: Rise of the Machines with Dan, Ro and Jaye-Pee. I kinda liked it, but you know me and my non-discriminatory tastes. Then we went to Dan's for the 2003 Monopoly Super Bowl (we didn't call it that, but it was the first and probably last time I'll play all year), which I actually won with beginner's luck, I suppose. But you know, once you get Boardwalk and Park Place, it's all over =) Yeah, it's really healthy to play a non-PS2 game every now and then. It wouldn't surprise me too much if they had Monopoly on PS2 though.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, America.

07.03.03 - Wow, Dan just left for home a couple hours ago, then....BAM!!! I first thought it was a gunshot, then minutes later, I see flashing lights and hear the sirens. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, considering how we hear sirens almost on a daily basis, but come on, I was alone. So I checked outside the balcony doors, and it turns out that the bang was a car collision right at Riverside and Crossing Place. The one car in the middle of the street looks totally smashed. Perhaps there was drinking involved. And perhaps I'm assuming too much, but I know one thing for sure. Don't drink and drive.

07.02.03 - Lotsa congrats to my sister for landing that managerial job at World Savings!!! Apparently it's a really hard program to get into, but they really liked what she had to offer them. Guess that Texas Lutheran education did well for her. I'm a proud lil bro, by golly.

07.01.03 - Yuck, being unprepared for my Cal 3 test and having diarrhea is not a wonderful combination. Tomorrow's my second astronomy test, but that class is a breeze. Maybe even easier than that. It's the cat dander particle floating in the breeze, which reminds me, I need to post some damn pics!

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