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Rod-J's Online Space

Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. I've uploaded some pics, and I have many more to take. Enjoy. And smile, damn you!

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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
07.25.02 - Oliver graduated from field training at Lackland today. We were all looking for him as they marched in their parade. Then we saw him, and he was leading his flight. Yep, he was chosen as the flight commander, which is pretty darn awesome. Oh yes, he'll make a fine officer =)

07.18.02 - My sis and I went to work at midnight again, only to be mandatory relased forty minutes later! What a waste! Sure, we wanted to go home early, but that's ridiculous! We're gonna have really weak paychecks next friday.
Class today was just like the others, except today, Ms. Q was off subject for well over half the class. She went off mostly on her cats and the "evil empire of Brylane," where she had previously worked at before being fired.
Tyrone and my sis are in the process of teaching Jeremy and me Man-Manok. It's not a hard dance to learn, but it's still a fun one, at least to watch. What's more fun than dancing chickens?
I've been Schicked!

07.12.02 - Happy 17th, Katrina!!! Today was my sister's and my first day of class at the Northeast Campus. This class may be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. Then we went to pick up our paychecks. After a week of work plus the training bonus minus Uncle Sam's fair share, I came out with $382. Not bad, considering the alternative - sitting at home with my TV and PS2.
Then we ate at Zio's for Trina's b-day dinner, followed by watching scenes from "A Walk To Remember," then the less cheerful, "From Hell." I'm not a huge fan of bloody murder. So anyhow, tomorrow Trina's family flies out to Delaware to meet up with some family and then tour the East coast.

07.11.02 - Tonight after a day's work of enriching hard labor, we ate at Razoo's for Michele's birthday dinner. Halfway through my Jambalaya pasta, I was full, but determined as I am, I finished and worked my way through Katrina's leftovers. Anyways, happy belated b-day, Michele!

Let's make a deal! Ok, 8 years from today, I'll be 27. And I shall remember! You can mark my words. I swear, I'm not gonna be all flaky about it, either =)

07.09.02 - Dan and I went to Austin to sign the lease to our apartment and to bring back his computer and TV. The cost of living is much higher there than it is here in San Antonio. But oh well, you've gotta sacrifice sometimes, right?
Made this little collage, made possible by Photoshop. You like?

07.08.02 - Since I couldn't register for British Literature 2 online, I went over to SAC to see if I can still get in. I was then directed to the English department, where I told them that I didn't need the prerequisite (English 1302) at UT, but I needed the Lit class, then I showed my UTSA transcript. The lady then enrolled me in the class! So, yeah, I'll be taking a class with my sister at the Northeast Campus branch of SAC. I believe this will be our first class together, ever, not counting band in high school. With the two of us together, this class should be a breeze =)

07.05.02 - I had a strong sense of elation when they released my shift today at West. Yep, I was there for almost 12 hrs (not altogether...I'm not that crazy). I've loaded up on the hours for the next couple of days, but I wonder how much longer I can tolerate working there. You can count on me outlasting Trina and my sis =) I'm a survivor!!!

07.04.02 - I'm damn proud to be American. I'm so thankful that my Lola and Dad decided to immigrate ot the US back in the 70's and my Dad joined the Air Force, or else I wouldn't be here now. It's strange thinking how things could have been. I could be in the Philippines now finishing up my college education and speaking tagalog. But hell, that's not how it turned out. But I could NOT be any happier being who I am and where I am right now.

07.03.02 - In my third trip to the Randolph gym this summer, I ran into Brad. He's this one funny guy from my graduating class. Anyways, we talked about school and what we've been up to. And I'm glad to hear he's doin well.
After that I then surprised myself. I wasn't sure how I'd do in my first lower body workout since mid-May, but surprisingly, I hadn't lost any strength at all, even in squats. I was able to rep as much as I've ever done, so that's good news. I suppose all that dancing helped me out =)

07.02.02 - Today was not a good day for orientation. The weather tremendously sucked, my feet and lower body were all drenched, I got yelled at by this one lady for turning the wrong direction down a one way street, my picture on my UT ID card looks really bad, and my initial fall schedule sucked since all the good classes and times were already taken. But I can't complain at all. Why? Because I'm now officially a Longhorn!
So I ended up getting advised along with this dude that ran track at UTSA. Last year we sat next to each other while we registered for classes at UTSA during freshman orientation. Mighty ironic and quite coincidental, ain't it? I also talked to this one guy that was in my history class last fall. And they say Texas is big..hah!

07.01.02 - It doesn't rain in San Antonio. It pours.

Tomorrow I have orientation at UT, and I have to be there between 7 and 8 in the morning.

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