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02.22.04 - To ROTC, or not to ROTC. That is the question.

So I talked to the wonderful captain at UT's AFROTC detachment, and she made it seem like she didn't want me in her program. The minimum program is now 2 years since they conveniently nixed the one year program (too bad for the less decisive fellas like myself), and I told her that I had 3 semesters left (when it's probably closer to 2). She said she didn't like when people extended their collegiate careers for the sake of ROTC, and she recommended that I get my degree then apply to OTS (Officer Training School). Now I know that I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting in OTS, since there's only one class of 1,000 candidates per year, and they prefer prior servicemen/women and engineers, and I'm unfortunately neither. So maybe I'll join her program just to spite her. I'm kidding. I'm actually considering a career through the AF.

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