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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
02.25.03 - Ummmm, I woke up with a notice online saying that the university opened at 11 am, so I drove Lil Blue through the ice for my economics class and found really good parking for once, but this cop told me class was cancelled for the entire day...oh well, at least I got to slide around in the ice =P And Lil Blue's smile spread to a fella who seemed to get a kick out of it at HEB.

02.24.03 - Dammit, I forgot my mom's umbrella as I left Calculus. I realized it less than a minute later, power-walked back to the classroom, and it was gone! What the hell?? Why must someone steal an umbrella?!?! Of course, it is a pretty damn nice one...

Damn, I ran into Tina today, and she gave me the bad news. Apparently we didn't make the cut for TX Revue. I was all happy to be part of it. Oh well, time for Goodphil.

Hell yes! It's snowing today!!!

02.23.03 - The Texas Revue tryouts went pretty well, though most of the Board remained poker-faced throughout most of our routine. A couple of the other Maglalatik-ers and myself got to all-out embarass ourselves after the dance as part of a little skit. Heh, that was pretty fun. Dang, I wish I had it in me to do modern dance, and do it well.

Afterwards, I fed a couple squirrels pieces of my sandwich right off my backpack and my leg. Then a group of pigeons began to congregate near my feet once they saw the opportunity to get some free grubbin. I began tossing pieces of my granola bar to them and fed my new squirrel friends some more. Pretty soon there were damn near 30 birds around me. Before they could peck at and poop on my vital parts, I surrendered to them the rest of my food and high-tailed it outta there.

02.22.03 - After a trip to 4 auto parts stores and 2 hours of surgery, Lil Blue is now able to see out of both his eyes again, and even clearer than before, all thanks to my Daddy. Lil Blue is really happy now, evident by his cheesy smile (i'll upload some pics later). I'm headin back to Austin this evening.

02.21.03 - Well, I busted my ass right in front of the UGL. Then later - I almost tripped down half a flight of stairs reaching for my Pop Tarts Snack Stix (available in stores today). Evidently, lack of sleep intensifies my klutziness.

Yesterday's micro-economics test was easy. Almost too easy. If I didn't make a mistake in bubbling answers, I should've gotten a 95...Something about them 95's...

I'm headin home tonight.

02.18.03 - Happy 3 month anniversary (plus 2 days - boo on my slow ass College Park connection that wouldn't let me sign on here last night) Bunny!!! Damn, I'm so happy, she's so happy...we're so happy!!!

Funny how I'm more alert after four hours of sleep rather than 6...Oh yeah, I updated my "about me" section a little.

02.15.03 - Bunny and I went bowling at the Union tonight. Apparently, it was her THIRD time ever to bowl....can you believe that??? She made it sound like she was extremely disappointingly terrible, but she came purdy dang close to 100 that third game...hehehe, our newest "sport"

02.14.03 - Ohhhh sh*t!!! Last night I took my first calculus test, which I thought I was about half prepared for. I left not feeling very confident, but I checked online, and I got a 95!!! Hehehehe, I think that's my first A on a test here at UT....wait, there was Spanish last year. My slacker ass got one of the top 10 scores out of our class of 100 or so...so yeah, I'm off to an extremely better start this semester (hehe, it doesn't hurt that my classes aren't the toughest ones here)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! For a Valentine's gift, my Bunny ordered me a Build a Bear online!!! She surprised me with it and gave it to me in an unmarked box at midnight....and it's a puppy!!!!! Like me!!!! Hehehe, he has a cowboy hat, kinda like the one I was wearing when she grabbed me and we danced at the FCN after-party, where it all started....oh yeah, there are a coupla other inside things about Pig (yep, that's his name) =P Hehehe, gotta make sure not to place my gift(s) for her next to Pig.
Hehehehehe, she also bought a Valentine's ad for us in The Daily Texan...'twas very cute (plus, it had the potential to be read by nearly 50,000 students..hehe)

02.11.03 - Wow, she smells good even when she's asleep! Simply amazing, I tell ya...
So yeah, I've been in a bit of an updating slump. Right now i'm on a calculus break. I don't know why I let myself get behind in class. I'm pretty far from being the smartest or fastest student in there, but things are finally beginning to click...at 1 am. Yeah, my test is thursday evening. Can't wait...

02.01.03 - I took Bunny home for the Asian Festival celebrating the New Year. She got to see Karilagan do our thing on stage. Man, everyone was worried about Tinikling, what with our limited practice and clappers who hadn't run through, and not to mention our newest Tinikling dancer, Sean. But of course, everything came together...Sean killed it, no one fell, and I think we looked pretty damn alright if you ask me. Then we chilled with the good ol SA people. Most of em are younger than my old ass, but I was alright because I had my sweet Lorilei at my side =) and she makes me feel....spifferific! Oh yeah, I love Duckie!

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