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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
08.27.02 - Gone To Texas, a program to welcome new students, was pretty darn cool. First Camille and I browsed through what the College of Natural Sciences had to offer as far as clubs went. Then there were the expected speakers, TJ Ford being one of them. The night ended with the entire Longhorn Marching Band coming out of nowhere to play all their school songs. Since it ran till 10 pm, I missed out on American Idol, but that's fine. For the first time ever, I used the VCR to record a program. But my DUMBASS taped freakin ABC and not FOX. It's almost unbelievable! They always throw it in your face, Idol on FOX!!! And I go and tape ABC. I went back to watch Kelly, and what shows up on my new tape? Monk on ABC...nothing against that show, it's just that I want my American Idol!
So anyways, I have my first classes tomorrow. Actually it's 2 in the morning, so I actually have less than 7 hrs to be there. Wish me luck. The Eyes of Texas are upon you!

08.25.02 - FINALLY, I get my internet connection. I had to wait a whole day for it! Hehe, so Dan and I moved in yesterday. So how's my first taste of independence? Fun, I tell ya...

08.20.02 - Today our grades for our summer classes were posted online. Even though our teacher stressed the importance of class participation as a factor in our grade and my sis and I opened our mouth a combined total of maybe 5 times, we both got an A. I was pleasantly surprised to see that, no wait, I was really really happy. Hehe, thanks a bunch Ms. Q =)

08.17.02 - My mom and I did some mad college shopping today. Though the computer we bought is already obsolete, it's much better than any we have now, and it's more than I really need. It's an EMachine with and AMD Athlon processor, CD-RW/DVD combo, 256 mb ram, and a 40 GB harddrive. There's also a 17" flat monitor, but no printer. I think we got a decent deal on it. We also bought some other thingamajobs for my apartment, just nothing else worth mentioning. Oh wait!! I now have in my possession my very first laundry basket =) Oh yes, it's a big day in my life.

08.16.02 - Congrats to the 1412th commissioned 2nd Lieutenant from St. Mary's University, Jezamine!!! You gotta love a woman in uniform =)

08.14.02 - My sis and I thought Nikki definitely would've gotten eliminated tonight. Oh well, she simply extended her stay for another week.
Tomorrow's my last day of summer class. Yeyyy! But now I hafta finish a paper tonight. and what am I doing? adding this damn entry that hardly any other people besides myself will read. Ehh, all's well that ends well. except this class will most likely end my 4.0 streak. But this lil fella's gonna kick some tail up in Austin. I can guaran-damn-tee it!!!

08.13.20 - Tamyra looked incredibly gorgeous tonight and sang even better. Anyways, it's paper-writing time!!! I swear, this nagging procrastination habit of mine is gonna stop before i get to Austin. You can count on that!
I ordered a little something for Lil Blue. I can't wait till it gets here. I'll post pics as soon as it does.

08.04.02 - We took advantage of the tax-free shopping holiday at the San Marcos outlet stores, and I got my first pair of Nike Shox (I'm a little behind on today's fashions). And I guess all the guys of small-medium size build swept through all the stores and left the rest of us with the XL's and XXL's. So what do I do? Go back to the boy's section at Gap and pick out a couple of shirts. Yep, the XL (14-16) fit very comfortably. Plus, they were under $10 a piece. So I guess I'm not too proud to shop in the kiddie's section anymore.

08.03.02 - Today our dance performance/recital went well. It obviously wasn't perfect, but I thought it was well worth all the practices. Tomorrow we'll watch the tape together and be 'critiqued.'
After being treated to a celebratory meal at - gasp! - Ryan's Steakhouse (thanks ladies, for the wonderful treat =P), some of us went to watch Signs. It's been labeled as a thriller, and I'm not a big fan of scary movies, but there was enough comic relief to make up for it. Yep, I was cracking up through the majority of the movie. Though the storyline was a bit on the cheesy side, it was still a very enjoyable movie.
Heh, I forgot to call in today for work, so I am no longer gainfully employed. Oh well, it works out for the best. I will not miss a damn thing about that place except for the paychecks, of course. Lessons learned? Be polite and friendly when you call to order a product from TV. And don't get all riled up when they can't answer your questions. They work not for the company itself, but for an ordering service.
What to do now? Get things for the apartment, write two 6 page papers, find a decent computer, spend time with some funny folks, and, yes, become a DDR master!

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