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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
04.16.04 - I've decided to celebrate my last month of this semester by taking it easy from here on out. Actually, I started quite some time ago. I have a strong feeling next year will be much more fun for me. I'm gonna get out more, doggonit! For now, let's drop everything and support our Spurs and their race for the repeat. Go Spurs Go!!!

My prediction:
Spurs 4, Grizz 1
Spurs 4, Lakers 2
Spurs 4, Minny 3
Spurs 4, Pistons 2

04.14.04 - Missy

Missy is so weird
Like a chick with a beard.
She humps Dan's leg
Like she wants to get cheered.

04.04.04 - Whoever came up with the idea of Daylight Savings Time must've forgotten the dopes like myself who forget to keep track of the time changes. Yep, I headed to church to attend the 8pm Palm Sunday service, feeling homesick, trying to remember the last time I attended that particular service w/out my family. Well I got in there and it was packed, just as I had expected, but Father announced that they'll be doing the second collection just then. So that's when I finally realized that I was a dumb sap running an hour late. Lesson learned? Make sure to not miss Mom's call on Daylight Savings.

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