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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
04.29.03 - Spurs win big tonight. Lakers and Spurs are one game each from their matchup...can't wait to see that!!!

04.25.03 - Today I went home with Lorilei to switch cars with my parents. We went out, and who did I see? Paco! Yep, Katrina's cousin. Hehehe, he thought Lorilei was Trina. Well we called her up, then she met us there. After some mighty good grubbin at Chili's, we parted ways. Bunny and I ended up watching the Spurs whoop up on Phoenix...at Phoenix!! 'Tis all about Tony Parker.

So on the ride back to Austin, this old-ass Jetta was following me closely. He tried to pass me a couple of times, then on one try, I sped up and he cut me off. So then we both sped up past 90 with him in front. Up ahead I saw the silhoutte of a white car in the grass, so naturally, I slowed down. Apparently he didn't, and a mile or two later, I saw the flashing lights come up behind me and chase him down. That kinda made me laugh, you know, since I was partly responsible for that feller getting pulled over =)

04.14.03 - Now that was a terrible meet for me. I'm too ashamed to post any numbers up here since it was my worst outing since high school. I even seriously thought about quitting the damn sport, but I'd have too many regrets in the years to come, so I'm coming back with a vengeance next year.

The good news is that Longhorn Powerlifting placed second among all the mens teams, so hooray for that!

04.10.03 - Tomorrow we depart Bergstrom International at 1:30 in the afternoon for Houston, then on to St. Louis. My level of hypeness has been diminished by the fact that I'm currently in the process of losing weight (I tipped the scales at 123 last weekend and must be at or below 114.5 by weigh-ins on saturday), but I'll regain it all when I get there. Wish me luck! I'll update my Powerlifting page with results as soon as I get back. Until then, Get Big Today (or after the weekend, in my case).

04.08.03 - Three more days until I go to St. Louis!! Yep, it's that time of year again when the men get separated from the boys...and the women from the girls =D. Longhorn Powerlifters are looking at their best showing at Collegiate Nationals in quite some time. We have 11 guys and 6 girls going to the great state of Missouri. Supposedly, there's been a whole lotta trash talkin goin on in several of the online forums, and apparently, several of our people have been very much involved. I suppose it adds a bit of fun to the mix. Yay! I get to hop on a plane for the first time in over six years. The only nervousness I ever get is from the fear of having motion sickness. But I'm excited as hell.

Today in practice, I actually benched 175 with a pause and no bench shirt, which really surprised me, considering the fact that I haven't been able to hit that in awhile, PLUS I missed around 4 weeks of training leading up to Nationals. Shirt, or no shirt? That is the question.

Eek, time's running out for defensive driving...why must I always wait till the last minute?

04.06.03 - What a freakin awesome day! First of all, I was all nervous because Lorilei and I were meeting her parents and a couple cousins at San Marcos to spend the day shopping and eating at the Outlet stores. I wasn't too sure if here parents accepted, approved, or even liked me, but when we saw them, Bunny's dad cracked a joke to me. He said, "Remember Lori's older brother?" Yep, he was talking about himself. But yeah, the day went well. Mom and Dad even invited me to their birthday party at their house on the 19th, and even invited me to stay over for the weekend!!! Heeellll yes.

It's too damn bad that the Horns lost to the Orangemen of Syracuse. Oh well, 'twas a good year for our basketball program...BUT the ladies play tomorrow night, which should be a good game.

04.01.03 - Ironic how the men's bball team was the only top-seeded team to advance to the Final Four, then the women are the only team to knock off a top seeded team to make it there after routing LSU. That's right, both teams in the Final Four. How cool is that?

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