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Rod-J's Online Space

Welcome to my amateur personal web page. Feel free to check out the links up above. I've uploaded some pics, and I have many more to take. Enjoy. And smile, damn you!

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Daily Occurences in the Life of Rod-J Links
04.28.02 - We ended up going to Karlo's to swim since they were renovating the Fort Sam pool and they wouldn't allow guests at the indoor pool. Then dance practice at Aleth's for the performance at Austin on May 4. I'm dancing Karasaguyon and another dance which I can't spell. I'm gonna be pretty damn busy these next couple of weeks.
Hahaha tonight my mom played DDR for only the second time, and in her church dress, too! And man, she was tearin it up. Now I see where I get my rhythm from since my dad admits that he has two left feet =)

04.27.02 - Heck yeah! Go Spurs Go! Dang, they totally stomped the hell outta the Sonics. Tony Parker freakin rocks.
I stopped by Judson to watch the Region IV 2A track meet. Patrice qualified for state in the 100, and Joey won the mile in 4:30. You shoulda seen him kick at the end. I used to run with him. Well, technically, I ran way the hell behind him.
Tonight we ate out at Stir Crazi Bar & Grill, this new place my dad heard about on Wurzbach. You mix your own meat, seafood, veggies and sauces and the cooks stir fry it for you. And man, it was really good. I ate about two days' worth of food.

04.26.02 - Today I went shopping with my mom at North Star (all the cool guys shop with their mom). We were at the Gap, and I was standing there kinda zoning out, when all of a sudden, I hear, "Rod-J Ona!" I turned, and who was it? None other than Pam, a little bit on the sunburnt side. I hadn't seen her since graduation night. After some small talk, we learned that we're both going pre-med, but her major is psychology with a minor in chemistry (or maybe it was the other way around) and mine is bio. I know she'll make it. Now me on the other hand....=)
Dang, Katrina's freakin awesome in DDR! Well, ok maybe not, but Jannette is.
Sad to hear that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez died in a car crash in Honduras. This happened exactly six months after Aaliyah's death. Coincidence? or not?

04.25.02 - So I went to the gym at Randolph today. I was doing my squats when this fella with shaggy hair walks up to me. I didn't realize who he was until he stood right in front of me. Who was it, you ask? Scott, who went to high school with me. I don't think he'd cut his hair since graduation. Anyways, he's going to classes at SAC, and in June he's off to the Air Force Academy. It was cool to see him.

04.24.02 - Hmmmm, nothing terribly memorable happened today. Woke up, ate, went to class, dozed off in class, ate again, skipped my workout, came home, took a 2 hour nap, woke up, ate, ate some more, did some homework, played a lil ps2, and got online. Nothing new.
Ehh, I think I should skip the next powerlifting meet and instead take a break from training for awhile before I hit it hard again. Come to think of it, I haven't been hitting it hard at all. I've been lazy all year, & I should be a lot stronger.

04.23.02 - Happy birthday Abby!!!
So I finally got my haircut today. I know I told the barber I wanted it short up top, but damn, he went all clipper happy.
I think our team is competing at the USAPL State meet at Dallas next month. Gotta restart my training, even though it's really hard to be not lazy this close to summer.

04.21.02 - Oops, oh my. I've been caught up in everything else that I forgot to go to dance practice, and there's a performance at Austin next saturday. I'm gonna feel bad and look even worse when I screw up.
On a brighter note, only 17 more days till I'm done this semester.

04.20.02 - Oyster Bake at St. Mary's. Lots of ppl, lots of drinking, lots of pictures. And I didn't even eat any oysters!

04.19.02 - Today was Best Fest at school. FSA did their modern dance and sold shishkabobs. It's not even summer yet and I'm almost black already.
I bought DDR the game and dance pad for playstation. hahaha that's fun stuff.

04.18.02 - I think I did really well on my test today. After class, I decided to go visit the Office of Admissions over at Austin. I went over my situation with Blake, a counselor/advisor. He checked my records on his computer.
Blake - "Well, you got a 4.0 last semester. The only reason we didn't admit you was because you didn't meet the requirement of 24 credit hours." (I already knew this, of course) "How're you doing this semester?"
Me - "About the same."
Blake - "Well, with a high 3 or 4.0, we can get you admitted in the summer or fall. Just mail in your spring transcript to the Office of Admissions, c/o Blake Simmons (or what ever his real last name is)."
That's kinda how our conversation went. So yeah, Blake erased the doubts that had arisen about the whole admissions process. And then I had him change my major on the application to biology, and I left, happy and confident.
I think I've gone something like 46 days without a haircut. It's gettin shaggy...

04.17.02 - Pigged out at Wings N More with Chris and Miami. We ordered 50 pieces and scarfed em down. I have a politics test tomorrow.
21 more days till I'm done with this semester. The wait is almost unnerving...

04.16.02 -

Well it hailed today. Watching them bounce off my parents' cars was probably the highlight of my day.

04.15.02 - Got back from nationals, didn't hit any personal records, and my total actually went down. Damn, I need to get a LOT stronger. Louisiana Tech won the team competition once again. Some of their lifters threw around insane amounts of weight. Would you believe me if I said that the best looking girls there were from the Naval Academy?

04.10.02 - I'm all hyped for nationals. Jamal, Jasmine, Andrew, Taylor, and I will leave tomorrow at 3 for Killeen. First is the meeting thursday night. After that we'll drive back to Austin to spend the night at David's (Jasmine & Jamal's friend) apartment, who's really cool for letting us crash there. Then early friday morning Jasmine competes. We'll chill at night, maybe catch a movie. Then we check into the Plaza hotel there in Killeen. Taylor and I lift early saturday, then Jamal on saturday night. Andrew will meet us there sunday morning to compete. After the awards, we'll head back home...

04.09.02 - Republican Runoffs were today. I voted for the candidates that sent me their campaign literature in the mail, and I kinda blindly chose out of the other couple of races. Oh well, at least I'm getting involved, right?

04.08.02 - I've nearly perfected the I-don't-give-a-damn look.
I thought I was the biggest nerd in UTSA, but seeing the guys sitting around me here in the computer lab, I realize that I may be wrong.
I went for a drive at night, and after I passed this cop, he did a u-turn behind me and flashed his lights. I thought, 'oh crap, he's gonna get me for not having my plate in front,' but instead, he gave me a warning for my passenger side headlight being out. I can't believe I didn't notice that.

04.06.02 - I hate driving in wet weather. aah, the mixed emotions that go through a young fool's head...

04.05.02 - Oooh yeah, Christina is a hottie!
We elected officers at the FSA meeting today. then we went to TGI Fridays for Randy's b-day. lots of crazy guys + alcohol...you do the math =P.

04.04.02 - got a 91 on my second politics test.
Today while squatting, I felt really good. I'm so ready for nationals...

04.03.02 - Just took macro and history tests.
I'm gonna see how long I can go w/out a haircut, and I'm for real this time.

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