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Doggy the Cat

me Name - Doggy
Age - 1 yr 10 months (as of Feb 10, '05)
Sex - Male, but where'd my balls go?
Type - White and gray tabby
Likes - Sleeping; attention; eating anything that doesn't taste like dry cereal; playing with cords, balls, shoelaces, and anything else that dangles, rolls, or makes neat noises
Dislikes - Being alone for too long; cheap imitation cat food; getting smothered by that dumb dog; being called precious - hello...I'm a guy...call me handsome if anything
Caretakers - Lorilei and Rod-J

All these pics are old. I'm fat now =P And I grew into my ears.

Me Peekaboo! Showing Missy who's boss Helping Lorilei check her email Rod-J thought he was funny when he put me in the hamper with his other whites

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