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Step 1 - Put the bahag between the legs, holding the front end with your left hand and allowing it to hang mid-shins. Let the other end hang loose in the back.

Step 2 - While holding the front end of the bahag in your left hand, grab the loose (back) end with your right hand. Wrap the loose end around your upper-right thigh, under the front end, and around the upper-left thigh.

Step 3 - Lead the same end (from step 2) up and under the portion of the bahag on your upper-right thigh.

Step 4 - Pull the long end all the way through.

Step 5 - Lead the long end up and under the same portion of the bahag on your upper-right thigh. (just repeat Step 3)

Step 6 - Pull it tight.

Step 7 - Grab the back end of the bahag with both hands and widen.

Step 8 - Tuck in the back end until it is even with the front end.

You are now true bahag warrior!

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